Cheza’s new MP3 site has taken off.  As of mid May 2002 Cheza songs are #1, 4, 5, 9 and 13 on the MP3 African Charts.  The song “ Asante ” from our first CD is number one.  We’re currently averaging around 500 downloads a day.  And for those of you who wonder about these things, Cheza does receive a small payment for every song that is downloaded.

Keep a close eye on this site as in the near future we plan to upload some rare Cheza recordings no longer available.

April 16, 2002

Welcome to the newly updated Cheza web site. With two new members and many new songs under belt we felt it was time to make changes to the Cheza site. We’ve redesigned the look of the site, added some photos, more sound clips and added more news about the band. Check out our shows page if you want to know when you can next see us play. We’ve also set up an MP3 site where you can find some songs from our first release and some other recordings (with some unreleased material to come). As well, we’ve put a Cheza video up on the web for those of you with high speed connections and a craving to see the real thing. Keep an eye on this page for regular updates on the band.

In the past year Cheza has added two new members. Taking over from P. K. Giunta on bass is Stu Watkins. Stu comes to Cheza from a wide range of musical projects, including bands such as Outcry and Liquified. P. K., versatile musician that he is, moves from bass guitar to guitar. New on drums is Phil Bova , also coming from a varied background including Ottawa funk-meisters Gammahoochee.

During the past few months two of Cheza’s members have seen new-borns arrive into their lives, slowing things down temporarily. But with babies in tow, the band is back and ready to make music again. Hope to see you at an upcoming show.