Cheza’s first CD was released in March ’96 and quickly carved out a niche in the Canadian world music scene. This full length, self-titled CD was assisted by a grant from FACTOR and ably produced by then drummer Ross Murray. Much of the music was recorded deep in the woods of Low Quebec, where the band lived for 7 days, playing and recording music. Most of the songs were written by Paul Weber with band members arranging the music. This album made into on the top 25 of the year for the CBC show Roots and Wings.

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Track List

Track Title Length
1 Asante 4:14
2 Nouvelles Direction 3:06
3 Interlude #1
4 Shadow of the Patriarch 3:46
5 Interlude #2
6 Josee 4:38
7 African Women 3:30
8 Mama Yake na Sofia 3:17
9 Mandela Dancing 4:20
10 Sister Celeste 3:57
11 Interlude #3
12 Rhythm of the Night 4:36
13 None is Too Many 4:15
14 Interlude #4
15 Sad Eyed Man 3:32

Cheza members at the time of Cheza recording:

P. K. Giunta: bass, vocals, keyboards
Rob Graves: percussions, kalimba
Stella Haybukhai: vocals
Ross Murray: drums, vocals
Neema Mugala: vocals
Christian Patterson: guitar
Paul Weber: vocals, guitar

Song Writing Credits
Tracks 6, 7, 9, 15 music and lyrics by Paul Weber
Tracks 1, 2, 4, 10, 12, 13: lyrics by Paul Weber, music by Paul Weber/Ross Murray Track 8: Tanzanian Traditional All songs SOCAN except track 8

Musical guests:
Jeff frank, Rob Frayne, Mark Friedman, Peter Kiesewalter, Sifa Choir

Other Credits:
Paintings by: Erin Robertson
Layout design by: Christian Patterson (with help from M. Taylor)
Photography by: Paul Weber, Pat Giunta, Jeni Dawson

Produced by: Ross Murray
Recorded at: Beaver Lost (Que.), Arts Court, Happyrock Studios (Ottawa)
Engineered by: Ken Freisen and Ross Murray
Mixed at Happyrock Studios except: tracks 4 and 7, mixed at Heat of Sound (assisted by Dave Bignal
tracks 2, 10 and 13, mixed at K A Sound (assisted by P. K. Giunta)
Mastered at Heat of Sound Digital Editing by John Dooher

Rene Jarmuske, Jeni Dawson, Erin Robertson, Ian Mackie, Chris White, Kevin McDonough, Steve’s Music, Marty Jones, Jeff Frank, Dave Nobbs, Mark Weber, Anne Troake, Derek DeBeers, Heather Bruce, Danica and Ted, Marc Blacher, Louise Mailloux, Dave Hubenig, Moms, Dads and all our families

Click here for lyrics, including translations of original lyrics not available on CD insert.