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Cheza, live and unplugged at the Black Sheep in Wakefield Quebec, January 9, 2011






From the Cheza archives, Cheza performing Ca C'est ma Blonde in 1997


Video of Cheza at the Rainbow on June 22, 2010




Video of four Cheza members doing a live, unplugged benefit show on May 29th, 2010



Video of Cheza rehearsing for their reunion show at the Ottawa Folk Festival, August 2007.


Video of Cheza performing at the Ottawa Folk Festival 2001      





Documentary of Cheza in the early days (The Pit, September 23, 1994)  




Documentary "Echoes of Cheza" (Astrid Christensen, 1994)



Video of Cheza performing Pilipili 1997





Video of Cheza's debut CD release party at the Cave - April 1996