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This album made into on the top 25 of the year for the CBC show Roots and Wings.

Music Shaker

Shaker was recorded during 1999 with the able assistance of Bill Stunt from the CBC

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Music Lyrics

First came voice Then came drum Together, under the African sun And their child was t

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Canal Records

Canal Records has a long and prestigious history in Ottawa. The following artists hav


Cheza pronounced like “ch” in choose and “ez” in feza is a Swahili word that means “to dance, to play.” Cheza’s music has been described as Afro-pop, “garage-soukous”, and folk-African fusion.

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Cheza was formed in 1993 by singer-guitar player Paul Weber. Paul liv…

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The music of Cheza is a blend of African styles with rock and folk inf…

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On stage Cheza provides an exciting live show, performing original son…

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Cheza’s new MP3 site has taken off.  As of mid May 2002 Cheza so…

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With two new members and many new songs under belt we felt it was time…

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In the past year Cheza has added two new members. Taking over from P.…

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Profiles P. K. Giunta Pat brings his skills as a guitarist, bass player and vocalist to Cheza. Pat has been a member of

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Upcoming Shows

Date: Saturday, October 22, 2011 City: Ottawa Venue: Centurion Conference Centre Details: ANNUAL FUNDRAISING DINNER The

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Some good news from Ottawa for once! Cheza is a very welcome and impressive addition to Canada’s steadily growing

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News Archive

Cheza’s new MP3 site has taken off.  As of mid May 2002 Cheza songs are #1, 4, 5, 9 and 13 on the MP3 African Char

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