Cheza’s debut cassette was recorded in June 1994 and produced by then drummer Ross Murray. Much of the music was recorded at Arts Court (Ottawa).  Most of the songs were written by Paul Weber with band members arranging the music.

Track List

Track Title
1 Josee
2 White Zulu
3 African Woman
4 Mandela Dancing
5 Sophia
6 The Wind

Cheza members at the time of Cheza recording:

P. K. Giunta: bass, vocals, keyboards
Rob Graves: percussions, kalimba
Stella Haybukhai: vocals
Ross Murray: drums, vocals
Neema Mugala: vocals
Christian Patterson: guitar
Paul Weber: vocals, guitar

Song Writing Credits
Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4 music and lyrics by Paul Weber
Track 5: Tanzanian Traditional

Track 6 music and lyrics by Christian Patterson

All songs SOCAN except track 6

Musical guests:
Sifa Choir

Other Credits:
Art Work by: Erin Robertson
Produced by: Ross Murray
Recorded at:  Arts Court  (Ottawa)
Engineered by:  Ross Murray and Jean Martin